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QR Codes…

Sometimes it’s fun to experiment and play. So today I played with QR Codes. 

I wasn’t entirely sure even what they were, so off to Google I went. Wikipedia had a nice article that explained. 

In essence, it’s just a new technology for visually encoding text. Much like barcodes.

Someone figured out not too long ago that website addresses could be encoded. And then these funny little images can be placed on advertising. And anyone with a smartphone and a QR Reader app can scan the QR Code image and be magically transported to the address hidden in the patterns of the image. 

Fun stuff.

So, having learned what they are I looked for some software to create some myself. I didn’t find any Windows software (though I’m sure some exist) but found a PHP library on SourceForge

It felt like a good day to play so I built a QR Code creator page. Maybe someone will find it useful. Or maybe someone will just play around with it like I’ve been doing. :)

Drop me a quick line if you find it useful. I’d love to hear from you.



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2 thoughts on “QR Codes…

  1. Ann Zuccardy

    What do you think of QR codes now, over a year after writing this? Everyone I talk to either loves or hates them. I hesitated to put one on my biz card, but I finally did. I figured I’ll take it off later if I change my mind.


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